IMG_4052kA King, Dethroned…

By Corianne Egan


Two weeks ago, LeBron James was the king of the NBA. His Cavs couldn’t lose and James was all smiles. Even mid-series against Orlando (who would eventually eliminate Cleveland) LeBron was always good for a quote.

Then came the loss that killed the MVP’s hopes for a NBA championship – at least for this season. The ugly side of the King’s character reared it’s head as he stomped off the court without so much as a handshake for the victors. He then donned headphones and ignored the media – a clear violation of the NBA rules, and a picture perfect example of a sore loser.

League commissioner David Stern isn’t even good enough to get a phone call from his highness. Calls to LeBron to discuss the incident haven’t been returned – even after the NBA declined to penalize the star for missing out on his mandated media appearance. Stern was openly upset over the matter, but declined to explain why James was the exception to a rule that even Kobe Bryant has been fined over.

Stern also said the media snub may have been a violation of NBA policy, but not congratulating the Magic was a testament of James’ values… both of which were a wake-up call for them.

Two weeks ago, I was a huge LeBron James fan. I liked him better than Kobe, and I was even looking at buying a jersey. I’m glad I waited. LeBron’s actions were selfish, childish, and have lost him a lot of points in my eyes. While parents struggle to find any role models for their children in the world of sports, one of the top candidates for the job is showing kids exactly how to be a sore loser. I don’t care about talking to the media, or even giving Cavs fans the “we’ll get ‘em next year” speech… it’s the lack of respect for the game… the lack of sportsmanship.

Pardon me for thinking the league MVP with a bloated salary should lose with grace. Pardon me for thinking he was a worthy role model.

Maybe kids should look to someone with more grace and humility. Maybe kids should look at Kobe.


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